Huawei country head outlines plan to launch PC, tablets in Pakistan

Huawei country head outlines plan to launch PC, tablets in Pakistan

By Agencies

LAHORE: The advent of advanced mobile broadband technology has increased competition among local and international mobile companies operating in Pakistan.

Currently, the market is flooded with different smartphone brands including those brought in through grey-trafficking that, even for big companies, makes the situation excessively erratic.

However, rapid internet penetration in Pakistan due to availability of 4G and expected availability of 5G services compels global cellular companies, like Huawei, to keep focusing on their growth trajectory and gain maximum benefit out of this market in the future.

“Pakistan’s mobile network is gradually shifting towards the super-fast 4G network which provides more opportunities in consumption of content,” Huawei Pakistan Country Head Blueking Wang said in an interview with The Express Tribune. “However, the challenging part is that the vendor must be ready for the fast-changing market dynamics,” he added.

He further said that 5G is the future of internet services which will bring revolutionary changes in terms of network speed, portability and connectivity. “Huawei is also one of the 5G-standard markets and we will lead the 5G product worldwide,” he claimed.

The company has been operating in Pakistan for the last five years, Wang said, claiming that their penetration in local smart phones market is increasing.

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