Lippi to inject new blood into Chinese football team

Lippi to inject new blood into Chinese football team

By Agencies

It’s reported that Marcello Lippi, head coach of the Chinese National Football Team, has begun reforming the national squad.

The team is expected to be injected with some new blood, with several new faces in training.

Lippi and his coaching staff are also preparing the Chinese team for the upcoming 2019 Asia Cup and the 2018 China Cup.

China will play Iceland and Colombia, two teams competing in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, in two warm-up games in November.

After that, they’ll prepare for the East Asian Football Championship to be held in December in Tokyo.

Lippi took the helm of the Chinese squad last October and under his coaching, the team has made big changes and seen improvements.

Despite failing to secure a spot in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Lippi helped China in three wins, and three draws in the qualifiers.

According to the contract signed with the China Football Association, Lippi will be staying in place until the 2019 Asia Cup.

However, it’s believed Lippi may stay beyond that time, depending on the Chinese squad’s performance in the game and the overall development of China’s football industry in the next two years.

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Source:: Daily Mail News

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