There will be no justice for Flight MH17 until we contain Russian financial power | David Patrikarakos

By David Patrikarakos No one has been arrested for the deaths of 298 civilians three years ago, a state of affairs in which London, the money-laundering capital, is complicit

• David Patrikarakos is an author and academic

Three years ago on Monday, I stood in Maidan square in Kiev, among the tents and barricades erected by a hardcore of protesters still camped out there, refusing to leave until the government had finally rid itself of corruption. Stalls sold toilet paper with Russian president Vladimir Putin’s face on it. The atmosphere remained charged.

The square was the site of Ukraine’s Euromaidan revolution that ousted the country’s former president, Viktor Yanukovych, in February 2014. Just two months later, in early spring, pro-Russia separatists had seized buildings in cities across eastern Ukraine. By July, fighting between them and the Ukrainian army had intensified. Maidan was a centre of gossip about the war in the country’s east.

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Source:: Guardian News – World

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